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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Why CBBC Remains My Fave!

Posted in my notebook the day before!

I love CBBC.
I love the shows, I love the presenters, I love that it's BRITISH!

Being a big fan of CBBC, and having many things to do with the channel (my pic was Kennel Pic of The Week and I've had my emails read out on the show too!) when it was their 10th birthday on the 11th Feb (and strangely I was 12 on the 13th, get the pattern? :) ooh....) so I of course I sent them a birthday card. Yesterday I recieved a lovely reply and autographs of Iain, Yonko, Hacker and Dodge, all GENUINE HANDSIGNED!!!

Cool, huh? ;)


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