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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cards For My Birthday

My b-day was on 13th of February and I turned 12. I put in many posts in my notebook before AND after my birthday due to the amount of cards I got via post. SO INSTEAD I will put some that I wrote down all in one blog:

9th Feb. 2012 - From Mum's friend Brenda

10th Feb. 2012 - From my Uncle Barry

Valentines Day - No admirers (boo!) but a birthday card from Mum's friend Beverley

22nd (I think- didn't have time to write that day!) Feb. 2012 - From Mr.White, the headteacher. Everyone at my school gets one on their birthday through the post. It's always the same design ("Happy Birthday" in different languages) and with Mr.White's sig.

It was a very fun birthday too! KFC in town with my 2 besties and a giant spend spend spend!! :D


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